Monday, April 12, 2010

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The read a thon was amazing experience of spoken words . No just verbs and nouns and adjectives but feelings and stories from deep parts of our souls. bold expressions of individuals concept of reality and fiction. It was a even of people that live and just dont exist as others, a world growing sleep walkers . Sleepwalkers that gallop through life like a new york horse unable to see their surroundings only straight as their whip by the rest to follow their unknown destination without questioning. It was a day of voices to be heard and not forgotten , the beginning of new pioneers where hope remain humble .

post #4 choice 1

The poem by NIKKI-Rosa, i find it to be a work of political art. The reason why i find this piece a work of political art, is because of its content. It speaks of a time in history relating to a time of events in African American culture and people.Then it expresses personal emotions to were it relates to say, regardless of the struggle there was love in the family or community of these people. protesting that that black love is black wealth like if the white man wrote of it they would not understand its meaning.
I think this is the type of work Larry Neal call for . The type that shows old traditions and brings new ones. It is what Neal speaks about defining history in their own words , their values and morals a sense of self expression of topics relating to them and only them.

blog #3

The kind of writing Neal call for in THE BLACK ARTS MOVEMENT is aesthetic and spiritual. it request for a new radical reordering of the western cultural aesthetic. He is looking for African American artist and writers to define or tenet their history in their own words. Also to in form of the black community, or culture needs. To be able to oppose and confront the African American experience in the racist west.
Neal see's the arts in relationship to political struggle as a part of the movement."Destroy the culture and you destroy the people... bringing old black values back and starting new ones, That is the movement he describes is surviving not letting their culture and history die or be define by the white men .

Sunday, April 4, 2010

First Blog Post My relationship to ART,POLITICS, and PROTEST

My relationship with art,politics,and protest its a love affair. We started as long as i can remember my first feelings,smell,touch, and sight. For its never been clandestine but rather open to the public to view. IT does hold a privacy of intimacy with me, even do i never been able to commit to a specific one ;not because i do not love her but because of the beauty of its different ways and forms. the way it flirts with me, it arouses and stimulate my mind,body and soul. the way a book flirts when my eyes make contact with it , its mysterious content that teases me for knowledge.the pencil or pen that dares me to indulge in lost words as it whispers to me to express what i feel and it will understand without a judgement. my voice that has no shame to express the thoughts that i desire and feel, it that let those know my sadness or concerns, or sorrows . protest that glances at me to see if i would come over and introduce myself and allowed myself to be heard. politics that fight with me at time, bring out my insecurities of what i think ,believe and define; even do we cannot see eye to eye in many things we hold a bond of respect to to learning a different view of what we present. And its us politics and me, that question love when opposite attracts. I wont dare to speak of the many more such as paint ,brushes and music, my many more love affairs for one might over hear and start a rumor that i love one more then the other.