Monday, April 12, 2010

blog #3

The kind of writing Neal call for in THE BLACK ARTS MOVEMENT is aesthetic and spiritual. it request for a new radical reordering of the western cultural aesthetic. He is looking for African American artist and writers to define or tenet their history in their own words. Also to in form of the black community, or culture needs. To be able to oppose and confront the African American experience in the racist west.
Neal see's the arts in relationship to political struggle as a part of the movement."Destroy the culture and you destroy the people... bringing old black values back and starting new ones, That is the movement he describes is surviving not letting their culture and history die or be define by the white men .

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  1. Good overview - the idea of a culture having its own ethics and a kind of art that comes out of it on the one hand can seem very natural and normal, but for people who tend to see artists as individuals who often go against their community, it's controversial idea.