Sunday, April 4, 2010

First Blog Post My relationship to ART,POLITICS, and PROTEST

My relationship with art,politics,and protest its a love affair. We started as long as i can remember my first feelings,smell,touch, and sight. For its never been clandestine but rather open to the public to view. IT does hold a privacy of intimacy with me, even do i never been able to commit to a specific one ;not because i do not love her but because of the beauty of its different ways and forms. the way it flirts with me, it arouses and stimulate my mind,body and soul. the way a book flirts when my eyes make contact with it , its mysterious content that teases me for knowledge.the pencil or pen that dares me to indulge in lost words as it whispers to me to express what i feel and it will understand without a judgement. my voice that has no shame to express the thoughts that i desire and feel, it that let those know my sadness or concerns, or sorrows . protest that glances at me to see if i would come over and introduce myself and allowed myself to be heard. politics that fight with me at time, bring out my insecurities of what i think ,believe and define; even do we cannot see eye to eye in many things we hold a bond of respect to to learning a different view of what we present. And its us politics and me, that question love when opposite attracts. I wont dare to speak of the many more such as paint ,brushes and music, my many more love affairs for one might over hear and start a rumor that i love one more then the other.

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