Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I think five points is a work of art as itself.I believe it serve as a monument that displays a movement of art known as graffiti. The work i saw there is unlike other is self expression of someone social dynamics,environmental influences, human nature, free will and psychological forces. I find it to be a small , but important aspect place were self expression is found. The art of graffiti itself i would describe it as a ownership of the people telling stories of what surrounds them and influences them. Some with secret messages hidden on them,others very blunt of what the street memorandum is. I find to be as unique and valuable as any other type of art. This form of art is just not only an expression , but a way of protesting and informing. There are many artist that have taken this path with their work and made it more a a political movement. In many ways they, the artist are capable of doing this by taking events or situation and expressing them on walls, serving as mirror for those that past by; reminding them that problem or event is still there regardless if they forgotten it. There such much to say about this work of art that we have unfolded in the urban environment,but limited to other surroundings. Its pandemic has spread through the world being recognize everywhere. Graffiti artist such as Banksy have taken this art to a more political aspect of it. His work relates to issues such as war and others.

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