Wednesday, May 12, 2010

post# 5 Gill Scott-Heron

I believe the idea of revolution in This poem point us towards is, a awakening of recognition and examined life. "The Unexamined Life is not worth Living" Socrates. Gill Scott is trying to warned or awake the listener (people) to realize that there will be a revolution but it wont be televised. This revolution he speaks about a certain change being possible by the people for the people , is in our hand to make a change. Change is necessary, but determine by actions. I feel like he is trying to reach to the listener to look around him and examine his life, the events that are taken place ,and what is that we have give importance to. In this poem he mentions where it will not be found because it is cover by media, commercial, and other things we have given value of entertainment rather importance of facts and events. This poem has a type of political art work as it unfolds and continues with its content, I feel for a moment that if could be written as self oppression of ourselves, trapped in the industrialize, commercial media,entertainment life that surrounds us and tries to cover every inch and second that exist. As I might express it as a informative political movement to brake the shackles of what the government offers,keeping us as a New York horse blinded from our provisional vision. Realizing we cannot live in the comfort of allowing others to make drastic decisions that will affect us but rather being part of the solution to conquer and secure or freedom and existence.

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