Wednesday, May 12, 2010

this is my topic for essay #3

Im choosing to write about the war and its different point of view that come from civilian and military personal. I believe the majority of people want peace in the world. This art work is by Banksy as you can see he is relating different messages. What i would describe that i see in this graffiti is an expression that I believe, is hard for People to imagine. That regardless of the duty of a military personal they also want peace. Also this is to show how graffiti, a form of art, that can be also serve as a political protest or message. this is just the beginning of an interesting relation ship,for the relationship of art and politics has never been clandestine.


  1. This is a great, great text to work with. The other images are great too - you might mention them to give us an idea about his work, but you'll want to use this one as a thread throughout the essay. As you research, you'll want to look at context: when did this image appear and why? What is known (and not known) about the artist? What reactions to the image have their been?

  2. I love Banksy! His works are so controversial. Graffiti continues to play an important role in the expression of so many young artists. Check out this link:

  3. Brian - I also meant to tell you that there's an interesting exhibit of art by vets in the entrance to the M building - one project involves turning combat fabrics into paper to write on- might be interesting for you to check out.